Concept of Q-Study

Q-Study has been conducting researches on hundreds of children for over10 years. After all these researches, we came out with this outstanding concept that was to make every student (regardless of intelligence level) to understand mathematical problems and solve them. We always thought of the students who are not too intelligent. Our concept was, if we could make a little less intelligent student understand, then the rest will apparently understand it, irrespective of the fact whether they are less intelligent or smart. In addition, we wanted to eradicate the fear of mathematics from the mind of all students. All these points came into play when we accomplished Q-Study and made it available to all students throughout the globe.

Wonderful Experience

Every result drawn by scientists is a result of intensive experiments carried out on animals such as guinea pig, rats and so on. Similarly, we showed the guts to experiment on our children and some other relative’s children. We taught them and trained them in our creative way and studied the fruitful feedback. The result of our experiment is in front of all of you which is Q-Study. The kids at first showed negligence, but as time passed by, they showed interest in the creative methodology of Q-Study’s study pattern. In the end, they were awarded by the school for their excellent academic achievements which mean our labour paid off.

Feeling of Mathematics

By the successful accomplishment of Q-Study, we have proved that Mathematics is not something boring; instead, it is the most interesting subject till date. We believe in teaching in a very engaging manner. According to us, mathematics is not something to memorize. We believe that your concept must be clear, and then solving any problem will not be an issue. We also feel that students do not like questions instead they prefer clue to solve a certain problem. So, just providing students with a set of questions and answers do not help them at all. Making them digest the main concept of a topic is what is helpful for them. To add, we have added imagination skills for students by implementing the usage of the different image while solving certain problems which students will find fascinating and will induce them in solving problems rather than neglecting or avoiding it. Through Q-Study we tried to persuade students to solve certain problems through relevant visualizations. Relating problems with visuals helps a student to solve problems quickly and efficiently and thus they do not lose interest in studies, and their reluctance towards studies abolishes.

Quality Maintain

From scratch till the end, quality is never compromised. We are very serious about the quality perspective. We deployed the best software designers and developers, script writers, voice overs, video animators and other related people from throughout the globe.

Implementation of Technology

Technology has changed education and how educators can leverage new educational scope. We created Q-Study through the intelligent use of technology, combined with new approaches to education which will be of significant advantage to both students and parents. Implementation of latest technologies in Q-Study will change the traditional teaching and learn for the betterment of all the students throughout the globe.