By the successful accomplishment of Q-Study, we have proved that Mathematics is not something boring; instead it’s the most interesting subject till date. We believe in teaching in a very engaging manner. According to us, mathematics is not something to memorize. We believe that your concept must be clear, and then solving any problem won’t be an issue. We also know that students do not like questions instead they prefer clues to solve a certain problem. So, just providing students a set of questions and answers doesn’t help them at all. Making them digest the main concept of a topic is what extremely helpful for them. We have added imaginative skills for students by implementing the usage of different images while solving certain problems which students will find very interesting and will induce them in solving problems rather than neglecting or avoiding it. According to statistics majority of students learn more through visual-sight aspects than analytical. Through Q-Study we tried to induce students to solve certain problems through relevant visualizations. Relating problems with visuals helps a student to solve problems easily and thus they do not lose interest and focus in studies and their reluctance towards studies abolishes.